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The Rules

This event is conducted under the rules and conditions of the British Triathlon Federation and entrants must acquaint themselves with, and abide by, the rules and any instructions issued by the organiser.  Please note that failure to comply with the rules will result in penalty &/or disqualification.

The following are some of the basic rules:


  • Use of MP3 players,  video recorders and mobile telephones anywhere around the course is prohibited. 
  • Respect the race officials, marshalls & your fellow competitors.
  • Littering is prohibited, there are bins marked on exit from transition for any Gel packs, 
  • bottles etc. 


  • No diving.
  • No Tumble Turns.
  • Give way to faster swimmers at each end.
  • No dangerous overtaking.
  • No Backstroke.
  • No running poolside.


  • Cycle helmets must be worn and fastened from before you touch your bike until it is racked. 
  • Do not mount your bike until you have crossed the mount/dismount line at transition exit.
  • Dismount your bike before you cross the mount/dismount line at transition entry.
  • The Highway Code must be followed at all times. 
  • Race numbers must be visible on your back at all times. 
  • Only competitors allowed in the cycle transition area. 
  • No drafting - When cycling keep 10metres behind the cyclist in front unless overtaking.  If overtaken you must drop back 10metres (see BTF drafting rules explained poster).


  • No running together, triathlon is an individual event.
  • Race numbers must be visible on your front at all times. 
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