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SWIM 400m (Pool)

The 400m swim is 16 lengths of the  leisure centre's 25-metre pool.

We will do our best to try and ensure you are swimming in a lane with others of a similar speed, so please be realistic with your your anticipated swim time when entering to help us.

The Marshalls are there to start you off & assist but it is your responsibility count your own lengths.

Each lane will have upto 4 swimmers, if you are tapped on the feet or are signalled by the Marshalls please give way to faster swimmers at the end of the length.

Key things to remember:

  • No diving.
  • No Tumble Turns.
  • Give way to faster swimmers at each end.
  • No dangerous overtaking.
  • No Backstroke.
  • No running poolside.

On leaving the pool building you will run barefoot to the transition area.  Please be aware that public nudity is not allowed and will result in a penalty or disqualification so you will need to wear the garments you swam in for the duration of the event.

Don't forget: Swim suit or Tri suit & Goggles (we will provide swim hats)

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