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These rules may be amended from time to time at the discretion of the committee.  All changes will be publicised to members. Serious disregard or breach of any of these rules reported to the committee may result in the offending member being expelled from the Club immediately. 


Members agree not to bring the Club or the sport of triathlon into disrepute.

    Club Activities

    Members agree to abide by the Club Members Code of Conduct at all times when participating in club activities or events.


      Members must acquaint themselves with the Rules of Competition prescribed by the British Triathlon Federation and must obey all Rules relating to the event they are competing in and compete in a sportsman-like manner.


        The Club recommends that members should consult with their doctor before participating in Club training sessions or competitions. Any relevant medical conditions should be notified immediately to the Club. During training sessions, it is the responsibility of the member to bring any relevant medical conditions to the attention of the trainer/coach prior to the start of each session.

        The Club cannot guarantee the presence of qualified first aiders during training or competitive events and you should carry with you details of any medical condition that will help the response of medical professionals in the event of illness/injury whilst participating. It is also recommended that, where practical, you carry details of your nominated ‘ICE’ (“In Case of Emergency”) contact in a visible location.

        Period of Membership

        Club membership is annual, starting on the 1st April and ending on the 31st March. All annual subscriptions must be paid to the Club no later than the 30th April. Failure to pay the Club subscription by the 30th April will automatically terminate the member’s Club membership, other than at the Committee’s discretion.  New members joining after 1st April will be charged a pro-rata amount upto 1st April of the following year.


        Guests may attend upto 5 club sessions, after which they will be required to apply for membership before being permitted to attend Club activities (with the exception of social activities where guests are identified as being permitted).

        Conditions of Membership

        Members understand and acknowledge that the sport of triathlon, its elemental disciplines of swimming, cycling and running, and any combination thereof, in either competitive or training forms, can be a dangerous and physically demanding sport which includes hazards and risks to persons and property that members have  assessed and are prepared to accept.  Members participate at their own risk.  If members assess hazards and risks to be unacceptable they shall undertake not to participate in the activity.  Members agree that neither the Club nor the committee nor any person acting for the Club or the committee shall be liable for any loss, damage or injury to themselves or their property howsoever caused during any Club or associated activity.  Nothing in this clause operates to exclude any liability caused by a negligent act of the Club.

        Data Protection

        The information you provide will be used solely for dealing with you as a member of Crowborough Tri Club.  The Club has a Privacy Policy, your data will be stored & used in accordance with this policy.

        Club membership details will be available to members only, via the directory on the website. This includes the member's name, email address, phone number & emergency contact.  We also hold details of specific medical conditions & other information which may be used to assist the club's coaching staff & will be available to committee members & members of the club coaching staff only.

        The Club may also arrange for photographs or videos to be taken of Club activities and publish these on our website, social or printed media to promote the club. By agreeing to your images being used, you agree to assign any copyright or any other right of ownership of these images to the club.


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